Terms and Conditions

The idea behind the competition is to present the beauty of the world as the focal point of photographic interest.

The final selection of winning photographs is made by a jury. CEWE is awarding a thousand high-quality prizes. The winning photographs are presented on the winners website, and all prize winners are notified in writing by email and/or letter.

Up to 25 self-taken digital photographs for which the entrants own the copyright and have unrestricted rights of use, and the subjects of which do not conflict with the legal provisions of the country of origin or the European Union or the personal rights of any of the individuals portrayed in them, can be uploaded in the six categories of Sport, People, Landscapes, Architecture, Transport and Infrastructure and Nature by 30 June 2017.

It is only possible to enter the competition online on the competition web pages. Photographs submitted by post or in any other way will not be accepted.

Apart from places 1 to 6, the categories are used merely for the purpose of arranging the photographs by theme for adjudication. The categories of the winning photographs are thus randomly distributed across places 7 to 1,000.

Entrants can manage their uploaded photographs and provide information and descriptions using a personal user account. The uploaded images must have a minimum size of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and a maximum file size of 22 megabytes (MB). They must be submitted as JPEG files. In addition, a version of each uploaded image must be available in the original size in case the organizer would like to request it from the entrant for use in exhibitions or print media for the purpose of the promotional activities described below.

The competition organizer reserves the right to delete images whose subject matter deviates significantly from the requirements of the competition. Entrants will not be notified if their images are deleted. The organizer also reserves the right, at any time and without prior announcement, to make changes or additions to the content it has provided, even if these changes or additions have an effect on the terms and conditions of the competition.

By entering the competition, the entrant grants CEWE and the companies associated with CEWE the irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use the uploaded photograph(s) for its PR work indefinitely. That includes the right to publish, reproduce, display and distribute them for CEWE's own advertising and promotional purposes. This applies exclusively in connection with the competition in which the entrant is taking part and any subsequent communications. This permission includes the use of the submitted photographs for presentation in exhibitions, publication on the Internet and social media, inclusion in other publications, including by third parties in press reports, illustrating the services of CEWE. The agreement of the entrant is required for any commercial use beyond this.

By entering the competition, the entrant confirms that he or she is the author of the images uploaded and thus has unrestricted rights to the photographs. The entrant also confirms that third parties do not have any rights to the uploaded photographs and, in particular, that all individuals who are recognizable in the photographs are in agreement with the uses specified above and that the property rights of third parties are not violated by these uses. The entrant accepts in advance that CEWE is exempted from any claims made by third parties. Employees of CEWE and other individuals involved in conceiving and implementing the photography competition are not permitted to enter. The entrant thus agrees to be named as the author. The entrant confirms that the contents of the image files sent do not violate any applicable prohibitions, in particular any provisions covering the distribution of child pornography. No fees or remuneration of any kind will be paid when photographs are published under the terms and conditions of publication.

The entrant can withdraw the photographs from the competition at any time by deleting them from his or her user account. Photographs displayed on the winners page following adjudication are an exception to this.

By uploading the photographs, the entrant declares that he or she is in agreement with the terms and conditions of participation. There is no recourse to legal action.

Disclaimer for the use of the CEWE Photo Contest app under iOS: It should be noted that Apple Inc. is not involved in the organization or sponsorship of this competition. The competition prizes are not Apple Inc. products. Moreover, Apple Inc. is in no way responsible for this app or its use.

Photo credits for the teaser/cover photo on the welcome page, from top left to bottom right: © Gábor Máté Pusztai, winner of the category Sport (Our world is beautiful 2014/15), © Agnieszka Gulczyńska, winner of the category People (Our world is beautiful 2014/15), © Adam Kováč, winner of the category Landscapes (Our world is beautiful 2014/15), © Devid Camerlynck, winner of the category Architecture (Our world is beautiful 2014/15), © Thomas Pedersen, winner of the category Transport and Infrastructure (Our world is beautiful 2014/15), © Murat Ertem, winner of the category Nature (Our world is beautiful 2014/15).