We want all competition entrants to have a pleasant experience of communication in connection with the competition. We therefore ask you to remain polite and courteous whenever you communicate with others in our community. Please bear in mind that there are people on the other side of the screen and that you would also want to be treated decently by them in real life.

Netiquette rules:

Write clearly:

When you publish a contribution, bear in mind that it will be read by people all over Europe. Avoid using regional dialects, and write in clear, complete sentences. Try to write in such a way that everyone will understand what you are saying.

Be friendly:

Friendliness promotes an exchange and facilitates communication. If you like something
that you read or see, say so. Do not make personal attacks on other entrants. Do not cause offense to anyone, and make efforts to adopt a suitable tone. Bear in mind that irony and ambiguity are often interpreted incorrectly. If you want to criticize something, be polite and objective.

Respect others' opinions:

If one of your photographs or contributions is criticized, keep a cool head. Read the contribution through calmly, consider whether you want to reply, and if you do, write an objective comment. Do not bear grudges. Instead, forgive others who cause offense to you, and be prepared to apologize if you yourself cause offense.

Ensure that your content is appropriate:

We don't want to see any racist or sexist content here or any other kind of content that infringes human rights.

If you keep to these simple rules, we can enable everyone to take part in a fantastic forum and an exciting competition with a lively exchange of photographs and opinions. Have fun!