Sincere thanks to all participants of the CEWE Photo Award 2019, whose submissions made it to the world's biggest photo competition.
About 448.152  photos from more than 45.460 participants have been uploaded in ten different categories. We congratulate all winners on their great performance. The prizes will be sent within the next three weeks.

  • Overall winner

    Ina Schieferdecker in category: Animals
Overall winner

This image is the perfect combination of all the factors a good photo needs: idea, design and technique. With a dab of humour thrown in. A real winner with symmetry, pastel colours and excellent technique.

Artistically, photographer Ina Schieferdecker (D) relies consistently on the beauty of symmetry: The stalk of the flower divides the overall image and the figure of the ground squirrel positioned behind it vertically into two identical sections. The focal point of the picture is definitely the blue flower which hides the squirrel’s nose. Besides adding a touch of “visual humour” to the scene, this gives the image a formal gravity despite its snapshot character. As is so often the case with strong photography, this is due to the balanced proportionality of the Golden Section and restriction to just a few, but extremely expressive

pictorial elements which form a harmonious whole. The pale yellow background, blurred and without concrete shapes, forms an ideal backdrop against which the squirrel’s thin whiskers stand out clearly and sharply. The photographer has placed perfect focus on the squirrel’s eyes and the fur on its front.

Ina Schieferdecker has achieved the consummate harmony of the factors idea/strategy, design and technique which is the hallmark of outstanding photography. The resulting image is the winner in the category “Animals” and the overall winner of the CEWE Photo Award 2019; an image which is sure to make a lasting impression on all who view it. Ms Schieferdecker can look forward to unique trips of her choice worth 15,000 € from ZEIT REISEN, photo equipment worth 7,500 € and CEWE photo products worth 2,500 €.

Our Category Winners

  • Alice Van kempen in category: Humour

  • Janusz Nadolski in category: People

  • Jose Antoine Costa in category: Architecture and infrastructure

  • Cosmin Stan in category: Landscapes

  • Annemarie Berlin in category: Travel and culture

  • Thorsten Becker in category: Sport

  • Cihan Karaca in category: Food

  • Anders Andersson in category: Hobby and leisure

  • Csaba Daróczi in category: Nature


  • Klaus Lenzen: Gewinner des Special Award of the president of the Jury of the CEWE Photo Award in category: Architecture and infrastructure
Special Award of the President of the Jury of the CEWE Photo Award

In its focus on structures, this composition is reminiscent of the works of Piet Mondrian, for whom the beauty of an image rested in the spatial balance of opposing forces. In this photo taken by Klaus Lenzen (D), a view of the Paul-Löbe-Haus in the government district of Berlin, the overall picture is composed of squares, rectangles and diagonals as its basic elements.

The predominant shape, the square, can be found not only in the image itself, but is mirrored by the choice of the square image format which gives the work its aesthetic direction. The photographer has excluded colour from the image in order to retain the full power of the formal elements, but chooses “colour” over “black and white” so that the nuanced tones of the concrete, coloured but not colourful, contribute to the overall composition. This photo by Klaus Lenzen deserves the special prize in the CEWE Photo Award 2019 because it portrays a highly complex formal construct within a square format and with an incredibly dynamic visual force field.

Our winners 11-30

  • Bence Kosztolányi in category: Hobby and leisure
  • Piotr Dziurman in category: Sport
  • Hugo Lilleng in category: Landscapes
  • Julian Rad in category: Animals
  • Henning m. Jensen in category: Animals
  • Jean Fraipont in category: Humour
  • Renáta Jakus in category: Food
  • Petar Sabol in category: Nature
  • Patrick Schilling in category: Architecture and infrastructure
  • Dariusz Ociepa in category: Travel and culture
  • Delphine Garcin in category: Nature
  • Axel Brand in category: Sport
  • Tilly Meijer in category: Humour
  • Remko Veenstra in category: Hobby and leisure
  • Louise Waldron in category: Food
  • Miłosz Wilczyński in category: Landscapes
  • David Weimann in category: People
  • Kai Diederichs in category: Architecture and infrastructure
  • Martin Strasser in category: Sport
  • Thomas Hinsche in category: Animals