Terms and Conditions

  1. The theme of the competition is Picture Perfect Summer.  The pictures that best encapsulates summer will be decided by a Jury at CEWE. There are three fantastic prizes available.  The winning photos will be presented on the "Winners" webpage and all winners notified in writing via email and/or mail.
  2. Up to ten digital photographs can be entered by each participant, and these must be images that the participant has taken themselves. The participant should have unrestricted copyrights and rights and their motives do not contradict the provisions of the country of origin, legal regulations of the European Union or the privacy rights of the people shown. Entries can be made in three categories “People”, “Places” and “Other”. Entries can be uploaded up to and including 30th September 2016. Participation is only possible online via the website of the contest. Submissions by mail or any other way will not be considered.
  3. Each participant can manage their uploaded photos, and information and descriptions of the photos, on their personal account. For uploading, the images must have a size of at least 1,240 x 768 pixels at a maximum file size of 22 megabytes (MB). JPEG is the only permitted file format. In addition, where appropriate, the organisers may request the uploaded image in its original size to use in exhibitions or print media for marketing activities detailed below.
  4. The organiser of the competition reserves the right to delete image contributions which deviate grossly from the thematic requirements. A notification about the deletion of the images does not occur. In addition, the organiser reserves the right to make at any time, and without providing notice, content changes or additions, even if these have an impact on the terms and conditions of the competition.
  5. By entering the competition the participant agrees that CEWE is issued an irrevocable simple unlimited right of use to use the uploaded photo for its public relations. This includes the possibility of publishing, copying, imaging and distribution for the purpose of self-promotion and self-presentation of CEWE. This is done exclusively in connection with the competition - including the following communication to which the subscriber has participated. This permission includes the use of the photographs submitted for:

         1. Exhibitions
         2. Posting on the internet and social networks
         3. Inclusion in other publications, including publications by third parties in press reports
         4. Representation of CEWE services

    For further commercial use, the separate approval of participants is required.
  6. By participating, the participant confirms that he is the author of the uploaded images and thus has unrestricted access to the rights to use the photos. The participant further confirms that it uploads photos are free of rights; in particular that all identifiable individuals pictured agree with the identified uses and that rights of third parties are not violated by these uses. CEWE is not responsible for any third party claims. Employees of CEWE as well as other persons involved in the design and implementation of the photo competition are excluded from participation.
  7. The participant agrees that their name is mentioned as author.
  8. The participant guarantees that the contents of the transferred image files do not violate any applicable prohibitions, in particular violations against the rules for the distribution of child pornography.
  9. No fees and no compensation will be paid for the publishing of photos entered.
  10. A withdrawal of the photos from the competition by the subscriber is possible at any time by deleting the relevant photos from their personal account, except for photos that are shown on the "winners" webpage after judging has taken place.
  11. By uploading photos, the participant agrees to the Terms and Conditions agreement. These Terms and Conditions are final.