My account:

How do I delete my user account?

Please contact our customer service if you wish to delete your user account.

Can I change my user name and/or my e-mail address? 

Once you have registered, you cannot change your user name or e-mail address.

How many user accounts can I have?

You can create one user account with your personal data. You can take part in all photo competitions with this account. It is therefore not necessary to register again.

I’ve forgotten my password or can’t log on with my password.

Request a new password if you cannot log on with your password or have forgotten it. This process can take up to 15 minutes. If you do not receive an automated e-mail reply from our system within this time, please check your spam folder.

I want to delete photos from previous competitions. How do I do that?

First, click the competition containing the photos you wish to remove. Then log on with your user data, click your user name and select “Manage photos.” Here, you can delete all photos individually.

Questions about the photos:

Can I enter the same image in two different categories?

We know it can be difficult to decide on a category. So please select the category that seems most suitable to you. Entering one photo in several categories does not increase your chances of winning.

Does my full name have to appear below the image?

Your user name is always shown below your photos. Your full name will only appear if you win, in the list of winners for that month.

Why do I have to give my full address when I register?

You should always register with your real name and your address to ensure that we can notify you if you win.

Will my images be compressed on your website?

Due to the large number of entries and because we want to offer you a very user-friendly service, we reduce your images to website size. However, you can access the image in full size using the magnifying glass icon.

What happens to my photos when the competition is over?

When the competition has ended, you can delete your photos from your user account (see also “I want to delete photos from previous competitions: How do I do that?”).

What editing options can I use on my photos, and what does “no image manipulation” mean?

Our competitions are all about photography and the creation of outstanding images. We want to honour the images that convince our jury in terms of the topic, the overall impression they create and their quality. Image processing, which is almost inseparable from photography today, should only be a tool. Adjusting things such as brightness, contrast, depth, light, colours etc. is allowed. Image sections and minor retouching is also permitted. The subsequent addition of elements which falsify the image is not permissible. This includes obvious composing, graphic elements, frames or texts.

Can I enter photos taken with a smartphone?

Yes, please do!

Why can’t I enter technical data on the individual images?

The metadata from the photographs you enter are automatically detected and added to the image. It is not necessary to enter the data manually.

Questions on the competition:

How important are the descriptions of the image?

Every photo tells its own special story. And we would be delighted if you would share your story with us, the other entrants and people who visit the competition website.

How can I revoke my participation in the CEWE Photo Award 2019?

Before the cut-off date for entries to the CEWE Photo Award 2019, you have the option of deleting your photos from your user account (see also “I want to delete photos from previous competitions. How do I do that?”).

How many photos can I enter for the CEWE Photo Award 2019, and what is the cut-off date?

You can enter a total of 100 photos in ten different categories for the CEWE Photo Award 2019. Entries must be submitted by 02.06.2019.

I can’t find the photos I entered under the Categories. Do I need to upload them again?

As we have already received several hundred thousand entries for the CEWE Photo Award 2019, it can be difficult to find a specific photo. But you can easily check on your user account under “Manage photos” to see whether your image has been uploaded.

Why do I have to submit my entry photo in the original size?

In order to judge the photos, is it important to have them in as high a resolution as possible. Moreover, we may print winning photos from the respective competition and stage an exhibition of Wall Art. Here, too, we need the appropriate resolution.

Do user ratings influence the jury’s decisions?

Primarily, the ratings play a role in communication between users. When you see a good photo and rate it, the photographers will be pleased to receive the feedback. The decisions of the jury are made based on other criteria.

If I’m under 18, can I enter the competition with parental consent?

No. For legal reasons, only persons who have reached the age of majority may take part.

Why are my photos and/or my comments deleted?

CEWE reserves the right to delete photo entries that deviate strongly from the topic specifications.

Does CEWE use the photos submitted for marketing purposes or keep them in a stock archive?

We care deeply about photography, and so we want to offer photographers and photography enthusiasts a platform which allows them to present their work and exchange ideas and to inspire them with creative ideas. Participants in the CEWE Photo Award 2019 merely grant CEWE the (non-exclusive) right of use to the images they upload. At no point does CEWE acquire the copyright to these images. The “image rights” remain with the creator of the photos. The granting of right of use depends on whether the photo receives an award or not and includes the option of publishing, duplicating, reproducing and distributing for the purpose of self-advertisement and self-portrayal of CEWE. This happens exclusively in the context of the CEWE Photo Award 2019, and the originator of the image is always named. Use of the image for any other purpose always requires the separate consent of the participant. You can also find further information under Point 7 of the terms and conditions of entry in the CEWE Photo Award 2019: